GET BRICKED Purrfection: Pet Mosaic Puzzle

GET BRICKED Purrfection: Pet Mosaic Puzzle

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Introducing the GET BRICKED Mosaic Puzzle Set - a revolutionary way to transform your cherished memories into timeless, interactive works of art. This innovative product seamlessly combines the nostalgia of traditional brick building with the personal touch of your favorite photographs. Crafted with creativity in mind, GET BRICKED goes beyond the confines of typical square and rectangle designs, offering a free-flowing mosaic that adds an extra layer of uniqueness to your assembled masterpieces.

Size Guide

Choose from our three distinct sizes of individual mosaic art, each tailored to suit your preferences:

[TINY] 22x22 cm* (~1500 bricks)
Medium detalization
Suitable for Headshot

[MIDI] 32x32 cm* (~3000 bricks)
Good detalization
Suitable for Headshot/Half Body

[BIGGIE] 42x42 cm* (~4500 bricks)
Better detailization
Suitable for Headshot/Half Body/Full Body

• [MEGA] 52x52 cm* (~6000 bricks)
Maximum detailization
Suitable for Headshot/Half Body/Full Body

*sizes vary depending on the preferred style of product, eg. headshot, full body, with/without background.

Value Buy

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Order Process

  1. Simply upload a well-lit photo alongside an optional custom message when placing your order. (Rest assured, our team can adjust your photo based on your specific requirements!)

  2. Our skilled designers will meticulously process your photo and present you with three drafts via email within 24 hours. Choose your favorite draft and confirm your selection within 48 hours of receiving the drafts.

  3. Voila! Your custom portrait puzzle set will be on its way to you in no time.

Elevate your gifting experience with GET BRICKED – Where memories and art seamlessly collide.